“The figure before you is covered in singed furs and bones. Bare muscles twitch below the weather beaten drapery of practicality and ‘necessity’. A wolf’s head covers their face, with the grimacing fangs shadowing the obviously scarred face.

‘Ale. Now.’ ,the apparition demands in a grim tone.

‘Please?’, they add in a sudden gleam of civility.

‘I can sing you a song, if that’s what it takes. I just really need that drink, after fighting those dire wolves, naked and barehanded…’, “

Much like many others, I wanted a Barbarian class for DCC.

But I wasn’t happy with any of the ones I could find. Always, something was off from the perfect image of Conan I was chasing.

So I made my own! You can find the .PDF below. I’ve tested the rules in play, and they’re not obviously broken, at least.

And yes, I’m still bored on the train… to the north…



DCC Barbarian rules: DCC_Barbarian_AMP

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