Nimlurun, the God of Disease and Filth

“First, there was just a hacking cough. Then the shivers came, as a fever rose and forced you to stop working the docks. Finally your joints swelled into formless lumps.

You’d contracted jointcackle.

With your meager savings dwindling you were left with one option: to petition for help from the strange cult in the sewers. The rumour was that the deformed monks living in the filth below the city could cure all ailments, and asked not for copper, silver nor gold.

But standing in the low-lit inner sanctum, waist deep in refuse and dirty water, you began to have your doubts about the leprous cleric standing before you.”

When a player in our game classes up a 0-level to create a cleric, we usually simply roll for their god, using their alignment as a guideline. After all, religious awakening comes from a divine source, and mortal men can only answer the call of gods, rarely fathoming the deeper intimations behind it.

This led to the strange situation that during our campaign last winter both of the party’s healers were clerics of Nimlurun. The players did an excellent job portraying these mad zealots of disease and filth, and this eventually led into all sorts of shenanigans, including an avatar of disease being born into the world.

As the rulebook is a little sparse on the specifics of gods, and the effects of the disapproval table often seemed inappropriate, I came up with my own details. They can be found in the PDF below.



The Faith of Nimlurun, god of disease and filth: DCC_Deity_Nimlurun_AMP_v2

PS. I’ve made it a habit of doing this with divinities and patrons encountered during play, so this will likely be a recurring theme. Refer to the sidebar for directions, or check out the master list at The Stars, They Tell of Gods.

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