Aristemis, the Insightful One

“Two paths emerge from a gnarly wood

worry fills the roaming king

he wails and wanes beyond his hood

but answers only the wind

then bares his hands and says a prayer

to his goddess, insightful one

and the paths bow and tell him where

he finds his long lost love”

– The Song of the Roaming King

More gods and goddesses. More, I say!

I’ve always been interested in the mystical religions of the east and wanted to bring their influences to my RPG campaigns. Aristemis seemed like the perfect opportunity to blend those influences with DCC and add a dash of Greek and Roman mythologies to boot. Voilá! Aristemis may not be the most powerful entity to worship from a strict munchkin point of view, but it should bring some mysterious flavour to your campaign.

UPDATE 10/11/2018: With Ville’s permission, I’ve made an updated version of the rules for Aristemis, to bring them better in line with the rest of the deities we’ve published. Version 2.0 is also available below. -AMP

Have fun!


Aristemis, the Insightful One, Demigoddess of True Sight and Strategy: DCC_Aristemis

Aristemis, the Insightful One, version 2.0: DCC_Deity_Aristemis_v2.0_VIR&AMP


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