Sheets Galore!

This week I’ve mostly worked on actually setting up a couple of campaigns to while away the winter hours, so today’s post is more about player aids than playable content.

While updating funnel survivors to actual adventurers I was reminded of the fact that I don’t really like the sheets available over at the Goodman Games site: they’re pretty and all, but not as functional as I’d like. So I made some of my own!

My revamp isn’t quite as extensive as the upgrade offered by our good sir MM a while back, but should give players a little more room to scribble their details on a single sheet.

And as an added bonus, I’ll be trying out a magic item sheet system: I used to write down the details of identified items on cue cards, and the additional sheet found below is just a minor upgrade to that method.

Also, I’ll be updating all of the custom classes I’ve posted so far with appropriate sheets for their abilities.




0-level x4 sheet: DCC_0Sheet4_AMP


Cleric sheet: DCC_ClericSheet_AMP

Thief sheet: DCC_ThiefSheet_AMP

Warrior sheet: DCC_WarriorSheet_AMP

Wizard sheet: DCC_WizardSheet_AMP

Dwarf sheet: DCC_DwarfSheet_AMP

Elf sheet: DCC_ElfSheet_AMP

Halfling sheet: DCC_HalflingSheet_AMP


Magic item sheet: DCC_MagicItemSheet_AMP

“Advanced” DCC RPG Rules

Apparently there exist some people/Judges/players who have wished for “advanced” DCC RPG rules. Those who do not feel content with the bare-bones approach to skills, combat and whatnot in our Goodmanly Sacred Tome of Rules. Those who, for some benighted reason, have heeded not the Dark Master’s words to the effect of “incorporate what fiddly mechanics thou seest fit to fill in the blanks”, but look upon others to do so. Continue reading ““Advanced” DCC RPG Rules”

The Necromancer

“Wizzards, them’s a queer bunch! But none so weird as them that dally with the dead!

Robbers, sneaks, we get all sorts at th’ graveyard. A strange lookin’ fella came round last fall, snoopin’ around the older crypts. I’ll tell ya, we were none too surprised when we found ‘im diggin up the dead one night! Looked like ‘e had a bunch a walkin’ corpses helpin’ ‘im too!

Of course, bein’ the smart gaffers we are, we scarpered into the night right quick. They’re not paying us enough to go toe to toe with no wizzards, no sirree! Live and let die, thas what me old uncle always used ta say!”

Another class this week: we’re kicking off our old DCC campaign next Tuesday, and one of the wizards has spent the summer puttering around the Underdark. Her player always wanted to play a necromancer, so I put together a full class description for testing purposes.

Now, I know that Arcane Affinity allows wizards to specialize, sort of, but to be honest I don’t really like the mechanics in that spell. Even though the necromancer here is just a tweaked wizard it has a little more flesh and flavour on its bones.

I’ll likely end up updating the class eventually based on testing and feedback.



The Necromancer: DCC_Class_Necromancer_AMP

Necromancer character sheet: DCC_NecromancerSheet_AMP

Spell details – Breathe Un-life: Breathe Un-life


The Dwarven Runepriest

“Man is the favourite child of the gods: fickle, easily enticed and subjugated. Thus the great temples and churches of this age are built on the blood, sweat and faith of human worshipers.

This being so, the gods sometimes call forth the souls of other races as well. Among the dwarves these believers are known as runepriests, for their clothing, armour and weaponry are always inscribed with the runic scriptures of their faith.

Often shunned by their more pragmatic brethren, these fanatical devotees to the gods are always exceptional, and often integral tools in the great struggle between law and chaos.” Continue reading “The Dwarven Runepriest”

DCC RPG Character Sheet

Bloody Hell! I spent many a day making this optimal maximal best-so-far usable-for-all-Character-Classes DCC RPG Character Sheet in Photoshop…for I see myself as an audio guy (plus a creative-writer-whilst-drunk) and not a graphic designer by any stretch of the fevered imagination. If you enjoy groovy marginalia/winding art, DIY while your Judge goes on a descriptive tirade and/or introduces her favourite I-would-like-to-be-a-player-but-nobody-is-arsed-to-GM-but-me-NPC. Enjoy the fruits of my pain/tears/other excrections. Now in good ol’ PDF format!

Some notes on the sheet, should you require any:

WIS: Feel free to ignore this Attribute, as it is a carry-over from D&D which we nonetheless use at my table.

Alignment: Fill in a single letter, or two if your gaming group opts for the 9 classic AD&D ones.

Skills: Thief abilities and/or actual skills e.g. from my “Advanced” DCC RPG Rules.

Spells: List in freehand, in a charmingly 70’s fashion, your spell-using PC’s repertoire, with “MM” for Mercurial Magic table numerical entries.

General superior DCC RPG Char Sheet: DCC_CharSheet_MM

Cheers for fears,



Narrimunth, Spawnmother of Rats

“‘Twas awful! The sewers, they were full of ’em! Jus’ like a roiling, furry wave! Claws and snouts, and them little beady eyes!

Me an Johnson, we ran like bats outta hell after opening that door down there. But it were of no use! The swarm jus’ caught up wiv’ us an’ ran us down. Then it turned around, like a tide turns, and carried us deep into the old parts of the sewer, where no one’s been for ages…

I don’ remember much after that. Jus’ many voices speaking to us. Many eyes. Tails knotted… I woke up in that there alley, jus’ a while ago…

Any’ow, how much fer that wheel’o’cheese? Yeah, the ripe one there. You weren’t going to throw it away were ya? The smell brought me ‘ere, sell it to me fer half price will ya? I’ve got a mighty ‘unger fer some smelly cheese, ever since I woke up. Mus’ be me nerves.” Continue reading “Narrimunth, Spawnmother of Rats”