I have been unable to find a satisfactory catch-all character sheet for DCC RPG online, so I made my own two-page general-purpose one using the freeware program NBOS Sheet Designer …unfortunately it does not allow exporting a sheet as PDF, so I had to save my work in the program’s own particular format.

In the Spells entry, “MM” means Mercurial Magic (duh!) – I suggest recording just the numerical result of the d100 roll for each Wizard spell for easy(?) reference.

(UPDATE 12/2017: I printed out my latest version of the sheet and scanned it into a PDF…has a charming Xerox quality to it, as possibly befits DCC. Here you go: The Sheet. Feel free to ignore completely the WIS attribute I have added, for I use it with my “ADCC” rules…obviously not kosher DCC RPG.)

I believe I have made a generally useful DCC RPG character sheet (additional suggestions welcome – and you can tweak the document further yourself), so have a look/print-out by installing the above program and loading my character sheet file into it.

I have intended the sheet only for printing out, filling by hand and using in your games. Do not try to use the program to randomly generate a character etc. – it will not work!

ATTENTION! Technical issue: when saving the linked file below to your computer, be sure to change the file extension from .pdf to .csd in order for it to be usable in NBOS Sheet Designer!

Also, you need the correct free fonts (Book Antiqua and DuvallSmallCaps) installed on your system. They can be found via a web search.

DCC RPG character sheet: DCC.”pdf”

Cheers for fears,



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