Carousing Table – Warrior/general

Here you can find the first of my carousing tables for DCC RPG. This one is for Warriors, Dwarves & suchlike and also “general” if PCs of other classes do not, for some reason, wish to roll on their own tables.  I have drawn somewhat heavily from Balthazar and Jeff Rient for them, but rewrote most of the entries to better fit the hypothetical ‘general’ DCC campaign without reference to non-included tables or a specific campaign setting, whilst striving to feature some of the Dark Master’s flavour from the rulebook.

Here are the tables for Thieves, Wizards and Clerics.

Many of the table results’ role-playing details and amount of XP awards etc. scream for Judge discretion and obviously should be tailored/scaled to individual campaign needs and to the character/party level. Use (un)common sense…

Enough banter: General Carousing Table




Ulesh, god of Peace

“The Mediator stood at the site of an averted massacre, and admired his handiwork. The Duke had been prepared to crush the rebellious peasantry with arrows and steel, but the battle never happened due to the Mediator’s honeyed words and serrated threats.

The peasants would no doubt suffer under the new taxes and extortionist laws, but being them being alive and oppressed meant that peace was upheld. Peace meant that lives wouldn’t be lost in pointless conflict. Peace meant that the rule of law would be upheld.

Peace was always an uncomfortable compromise, most often born out of fear.

The Mediator knew this, and smiled.

Ulesh’s peace was upon the land, and it was good.”

How do you make a god of Peace interesting or relevant in such a warlike world as that of the Dungeon Crawl Classics? Make him a regretful war god, forcing peace on the world through force if necessary!

I swear that Ulesh only resembles Father Christmas through pure accident. Or maybe subliminal influence of the season.

Details and the all important disapproval table are in the PDF as usual: check them out, try them out, and tell me how it goes!

Holiday cheers,


Ulesh, god of Peace: DCC_Ulesh_AMP


The Hot Knight in the North

I often tend to see myself as a historian/archaeologist by training, and a linguist (concentrating on dead tongues), occultist and musician by design, schooling & pedigree.

My RPG habit began in 1986 e.v. with TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes Basic Set (not really a proper RPG) but I quickly moved on to the red box Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set. Disliked it at the time, so I again moved on to Chaosium’s Call Of Cthulhu and have continued GMing it to this day. I also tried out virtually all of the other RPG systems available in the late 80’s and onwards, such as RuneQuest, MERP, Paranoia, Ghostbusters, Nightlife, GURPS, Ars Magica, Harnmaster, Rolemaster, Spacemaster, Dark Conspiracy, AD&D, WFRP (1st and 2nd editions), Vampire: The Dark Ages, Mummy: The Resurrection, Traveller, D&D 5E, Pathfinder and Dark Heresy. I designed a game as well; SpaceQuest, and another about depraved Moomins; Murhan Teki Muumit.

Nowadays I mainly busy myself with running/homebrewing the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG with the goal of making it the “perfect” fantasy game system for my own nefarious purposes. Many of my contributions and improvements(?) can be found on this blog.

Buttocks up,


The First Knight in the North

“Now, I’ve seen that guy. ‘E keeps comin’ back for drinks ‘ere, talkin’ about something called ‘Polish gas station vodka’. Only goes away once I sell ‘im the strongest bottle of dwarven rotgut an’ a jug of apple juice.

I’ll tell you a secret… I’ve started watering down ‘is drinks! He never notices, and I sorta like them ramblins ‘e comes up with… Never ‘ad much of a skill at translitterating accents, no ‘e din’t, but at least ‘e tries.”

So, at the request of my good sir MM, we’re doing a little round of introductions of the regular contributors.

Anyhow, as for me, I’m a cultural anthropologist by training (Master of Arts), and a game designer because that’s what I’m bloody good at. I mostly work with mobile titles, and this blog is a creative outlet for me to share the stuff that’d otherwise get ditched in a drawer somewhere.

Like I said on the inaugural post, I found this outlet for our creative content just to share stuff.

It looks like we’ve got a steady flow of popping out cool stuff, and I’m constantly working on cheering up new writers! Anyone interested in joining should pop me an email at . We pay nothing, and our visibility is illusionary, but we’ve got nary to no rules*.

I’m mostly active here and on Facebook, where you’ll easily find me with my full name.



* I actually screen all writers personally, meaning that this far I know everyone writing here. If anyone outside the manifold of my social presence wants to join, we’ll figure it out. This is not a way to get paid.

Pre-Christian Finnish Proper Names Table

Here I present to you a d200 table of Finnish/Finnic “pagan” proper names, drawn from various historical sources. Some of these names still remain in usage today, with the bulk of them dating from approximately 5000 BCE to 1300 CE.

Personally I use the table for PCs/NPCs in my DCC RPG campaign set in a fantasy version of Iron Age Fennoscandia.

Name Table





Loptir’s Firewater

“In the coldest winter, there is flame. And where there is flame, there is celebration!”

Loptir’s firewater is a magic item I made for our Christmas party game last year. I took the group through the 2013 Holiday module, The Old Gods Return. We had a lot of fun with it, especially with all of the off kilter Nordic and Finnish references there.

For that adventure, I made a magic concoction that gave the drinker a random bonus. I largely based the concept on the Grog of Substantial Whimsy, although my version is much less weird and random, and all in all mostly beneficial.

I liked the concept, as it gave me an opportunity to give my players fun stuff without worrying that the campaign would get bogged down with endlessly circulating powerful magic items.

As I was founding this blog, this was actually one of the things I was going to post very early on, but found to my dismay that the file had disappeared into the ether. I’ve spent the last couple of days recreating the powerful item from memory, and now give it to you, as an early present for the holidays coming up.



Loptir’s Firewater: DCC_Loptir’sFirewater_AMP


Mapvember 2017 Adventures

They say our small world of men is built on the backs of dragons, gone from the world aeons ago.”

So last month, I took part in the Mapvember 2017 challenge.

I don’t like the usual “top-down gridmap” -style at all personally, so I figured that I’d make each map an adventure on its own, with some notes and annotations included.

Tools used were my Micron pens, a single wide-brush Copic, and ink and brushes.

Here you have the maps I drew, pulled into a little PDF, with a tiny bit of commentary. Make them into stories! (And tell me how it goes!)



Mapvember 2017 Adventures: AdventureResource_Mapvember2017_AMP