Halfling Graverobber

“Lookit that skinny little git! All gaunt and spindly, an’ she smells like the grave! She’s a queer one to be sure!

to be ‘onest I’d kick ‘er outta the inn if it were up to me. But the missus insisted we let ‘er stay, on account of ‘er paying up front with these weird old coins. Pure silver, says the missus, an’ ‘er teef are never wrong about these things.”

As we’ve been restarting the campaign in recent weeks, the group had a little downtime over the summer. We cursorily played through these little side-adventures as we were setting up.

One of our halflings spent a few months in a town called Soulgrave (from one of the older Goodman Games modules, if I’m not entirely mistaken), famous for its location on the tomb-riddled Old Moors.  

I’ve been in the habit of “unlocking” new classes available for play based on what the group does, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to sneak out a halfling variant: the graverobber!

Much like the dwarves who inevitably always dig too deep, halflings sometimes run into nasty things under the old hills, as they dig around building burrows to settle in. And, inevitably, some of these inquisitive souls find the call of hidden wealth under the hills too much to bear, becoming strange, spindly and furtive in their endeavors as a result.

My table seems to be rather riddled with halflings at the moment, and having this variant available for play is useful in the sense that there is less overlap now, as the graverobbers lack the luck battery ability altogether.



Halfling graverobber: DCC_Class_HalflingGraverobber_AMP

Halfling graverobber sheet: DCC_HalflingGraverobberSheet_AMP



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