The First Knight in the North

“Now, I’ve seen that guy. ‘E keeps comin’ back for drinks ‘ere, talkin’ about something called ‘Polish gas station vodka’. Only goes away once I sell ‘im the strongest bottle of dwarven rotgut an’ a jug of apple juice.

I’ll tell you a secret… I’ve started watering down ‘is drinks! He never notices, and I sorta like them ramblins ‘e comes up with… Never ‘ad much of a skill at translitterating accents, no ‘e din’t, but at least ‘e tries.”

I’m a cultural anthropologist by training (Master of Arts), and a game designer because that’s what I’m bloody good at. I’ve mostly worked with mobile titles, and this blog is a creative outlet for me to share the stuff that’d otherwise get stashed in a drawer somewhere.

Like I said on the inaugural post, I found this outlet for our creative content just to share stuff.

It looks like we’ve got a steady flow of cool stuff, and I’m constantly working on cheering up new writers! Anyone interested in joining should pop me an email at . We pay nothing, and our visibility is illusionary, but we’ve got nary to no rules*.

I’m mostly active here and on Facebook, where you’ll easily find me with my full name.


Ari-Matti Piippo

* I play editor to most all publications here. I’ll do my best to clean out anything I can, usually after you’ve already decided to give u an article.

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