Carousing Table – Warrior/general

Here you can find the first of my carousing tables for DCC RPG. I made this one for Warriors, Dwarves & suchlike and also “general” if PCs of other classes do not, for some reason, wish to roll on their own tables.  I have drawn somewhat heavily from Balthazar and Jeff Rient for them, but rewrote most of the entries to better fit the hypothetical ‘general’ DCC campaign without reference to non-included tables or a specific campaign setting, whilst striving to feature some of the Dark Master’s flavour from the rulebook.

Here you can find the tables for Thieves, Wizards and Clerics.

Many of the table results’ role-playing details and amount of XP awards etc. scream for Judge discretion and obviously should be tailored/scaled to individual campaign needs and to the character/party level. Use (un)common sense…

But enough banter, check out the carousing table below!



DCC – General Carousing Table


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