Carousing Table – Cleric

Here you can find the second of my carousing tables for DCC RPG. I made this one for Clerics and their ilk…the entries represent not so much “pure” carousing as the General Carousing Table, but rather a mixture of holier-than-thou drinking and (holy) divers down-time sacred endeavours for the more-or-less faithful characters of the cloth.

Here you can find the tables for Thieves and Wizards.

Again, I have drawn from Balthazar and Jeff Rient, rewriting most of the entries to better fit the hypothetical ‘general’ DCC campaign without reference to non-included tables or a specific campaign setting, whilst striving to feature some of the Dark Master’s flavour from the rulebook.

As before, many of the table results’ role-playing details and amount of XP awards and other effects scream for Judge discretion and obviously should be tailored/scaled to individual campaign needs and to the character/party level.



DCC – Cleric Carousing Table


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