Spell – Forlorn Encystment

“I have decided to apply the Charm of Forlorn Encystment, which constricts the subject in a pore some forty-five miles below the surface of the earth.” – Jack Vance

Probably needless to say, I have lifted this spell directly from Vance’s novel The Eyes of the Overworld. I made it a 4th level Wizard spell, with a fumble range based on that fact, following the optional casting rule outlined in Liber Arcanum. Obviously, if you do not wish to use the mechanic, simply have ‘1’ as the fumble and ‘2-11’ as the “Lost. Failure.” result.

Some matters not discussed in the spell description itself: targets sunk fully awake due to misfire may easily be subject to suffocation, depending on e.g. geological factors and Judge decision. Likewise, they may be able to escape their predicament via burrowing, divine/patron aid, other magic, etc., but not by the reversal of the spell. Those unfortunates who are able to breathe underground, but not escape, will likely perish from thirst & hunger and/or go insane…


Take the plunge!<a


DCC spell – Forlorn Encystment


Header art sprang forth from the darkened mind of Joni Kesti.

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