Loptir, Lord of Flame

“The life of the common folk of the north is everywhere similar due to the simple imperative of survival through the bitter winter. Loptir offers succor to his followers, warmth and comfort to all who are in need.”

I was a few minutes into the 2013 Holiday Module – The Old God’s Return with a group which had previously survived a funnel. One player who had just leveled as a cleric of Justicia asked if he could switch to Loptir, the god presented in the module. He ended up converting most of the party. I think this deity deserves a place in the pantheon, because he serves a straightforward need of common folk, and offers the PCs motivation for siding with Law, which can be in short supply in DCC.

Keep the fires burning!

Andrew Sternick

DCC deity – Loptir, Lord of Flame


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