Shul, God of the Moon

“The moon is barren, the moon is old

The moon is knowing, the moon is cold

Its light’s a mirror

And moves our souls”

This is my version of Shul, God of the Moon. I tilted him towards chaos because I’ve always felt that moonlight calls on shenanigans and mystery, and I also wanted to have a softer option available for chaotic characters – in my campaign the chaotic alignment encompasses chaotic good as well as evil, and most chaotic deities in DCC seem to represent the destructive and unpleasant side of the alignment.

In other news, I’ve been moving house for the last week, and posts are a little late. We’ll be getting back to our previous publication rhythm once we get to it, and no sooner. A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to, and the same applies to Knights.



DCC deity – Shul, God of the Moon


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