Five Magical Brews

“Aye, well of course we’ve a pint for you… whatever you are. Sir.

Nevermind the tail, we don’ judge o’er ‘ere. Gran’ma Crooks ‘as  a ‘alf-dozen tentacles. Livin’ in ‘er ‘ouse! ‘Cats!’ she says, but them’s tentacles if I’ve ever seen ’em…

But with that bit of coin, well… ‘Ere’s the ‘ouse specialty!”

This is the post I meant to pop out on our blog anniversary, while I was moving house, dealing with a bunch of relationship stuff, and suffering the usual bodily issues with the coming autumn.

All of these drinks are carefully crafted by the house brewery (I’m not kidding, my house is a skilled micro-brewery at the moment), and I encourage all the drinking-age members of our readership to tastefully enjoy any and all of the beverages recommended. Many thanks to the Polttimo crew for all the input!

Now, please have a beer on us! Now we’ve given you rules for it!

Double cheers,


AMP & the Lance, with love and joy

DCC Beer! – Five Magical Brews


Art by the moderately inebriated Joni Kesti.

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