“That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And in strange aeons
even death
may die.”

Cleric details for Cthulhu, Priest of the Old ones. Obviously, I’m a fan of Lovecraft, and I’ve been putting off writing him up out of respect for the source material. I’m not entirely convinced that every single game needs a lovecraftian reference, and after his stories became public domain we’ve certainly seen a lot of less-than-stellar content with “NOW WITH MORE CTHULHU!” tagged on top.

That said, Cthulhu certainly makes sense as a deity in DCC, and I hope my version of him stands  up to scrutiny.

Oh, and there’s even a secret message hidden in the PDF for all you cryptologists out there!



Deity description for Cthulhu: DCC_Deity_Cthulhu_AMP_v2

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