Cthulhu, Priest of the Old Ones

“That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And in strange aeons
even death
may die.”

Cleric details for Cthulhu, Priest of the Old ones. Obviously, I’m a fan of Lovecraft, and I’ve been putting off writing him up out of respect for the source material. I’m not entirely convinced that every single game needs a lovecraftian reference, and after his stories became public domain we’ve certainly seen a lot of less-than-stellar content with “NOW WITH MORE CTHULHU!” tagged on top.

That said, Cthulhu certainly makes sense as a deity in DCC, and I hope my version of him stands  up to scrutiny.

Oh, and there’s even a secret message hidden in the PDF for all you cryptologists out there!



DCC deity – Cthulhu, Priest of the Old Ones


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