Attribute increase upon levelling up

In the DCC campaigns I have run PC attribute loss has been somewhat frequent. Whether through bleeding out, fumbling Spellburn, suffering the effects of a given module’s monster special attacks etc., I have found it commonplace for the PC’s to suffer permanent attribute loss.

So what, one might ask? Well, since I tend not to run DCC as an end in itself, but rather as the core for a homebrew “general brilliant d20 system”, I have in my omniscience decided to adopt certain game mechanics from e.g. D&D 5E (which seems suspiciously close to DCC…mere coincidence or a potenital lawsuit?). Yet, at the same time, I embrace the vanilla rules’ admonition for the PC’s to QUEST for desired attribute increasal.

However this, then, is my risibly simple system: upon attaining levels 2,4,6,8 and 10, the player may elect one of their character’s attributes to increase by one. An in-game reason for this should be provided, otherwise the attribute selection is up to Judge fiat.

Mechanically speaking, the afore-mentioned increasal is quite neglible. BUT it enables the players to feel good about themselves…