“It was time to move camp. The Lance was ready for new adventures and challenges. Swords had been sharpened, armor oiled and polished, even their trusty mounts reshod with new iron on their hooves.

The Lance was moving, but its adventure was only beginning.”

Knightsinthenorth.blog is dead.


ALL HAIL KnightsintheNorth.COM!

Now this is the big change I’ve been teasing for the last few months. We’ve decided to move the site away from its humble origins with WordPress, onto its own URL and entirely under our own management. (If anyone is still reading on the .blog site, shift over to the new site now, please.)

This may seem like a small change to many of you and indeed, much of the site remains the same (we’ll still provide free weekly content and an open outlet to share your house rules) but to us its quite a step forward. We gain a considerable amount of managerial power, what with being able to edit and create our own themes and structure for the site. Also, it allows us to cut costs considerably.

And finally, it allows us easier avenues for expansion and growth: what started as a humble personal project has drawn in writers and readers from all over the world, and the new site can grow to fit our needs and desires much better.

The first obvious upgrade you’ll notice is the merch-shop on the new site. You can now support the Lance by ordering your own KitN t-shirt (complete with handy breast-pocket for your pens, emergency snacks, and dice), and we’re working on a few more items in the immediate future.  All proceeds will be expended in providing more quality content for our readers. KitN is still by no means a business, but this is the first step in growing the site in the future.

Furthermore, all of the t-shirts and stickers will be hand printed in Joni’s print-shop, where I currently live. It’s a bit of an unorthodox situation, but this is essentially what has made the growth of KitN possible: I write, act as editor and pimp our stuff on social media, he draws and handles site upkeep (and merch). We take turns to make the coffee and other drinks.

Before someone asks, we’ve looked at Patreon and other crowfunding options, and since the legislation up North hasn’t really caught up with post-modern funding methods for creatives, we came to the conclusion that this was by far the simplest way to make monetarily supporting the site possible.

Plus, now I can promise to add something special to the first 100 orders! Please pop a note in the comment slot on the item page to make sure the surprise fits (favourite system, class, monster, whatever).

Anyhow, welcome to KitN.com. I hope you like it here.

Oh, and tune in on Sunday for the usual programming. We’re publishing a knight class (read: paladin) for DCC…



Illustration by Joni Kesti, the man, the legend, the machine who made this upgrade possible.

A KitN playlist: Village in the wilderness!

While we work on site upgrades and other super cool stuff, here’s a little something to tide you over: a hand-crafted playlist for general wilderness adventure and encounters.

Stay posted for next week, as we have some big news and changes coming up. Us knights in the island fort have worked hard for the new things coming up, and I can barely wait to reveal the new stuff!



The Hand of Glory

“Vile deeds mar the soul and even after the spirit has abandoned its mortal coil a stain remains within the corpse. A wily magician or a crafty sorcerer may coax out the power hidden in such a carcass to employ it in their ow misdeeds. The ritual is darkling and gruesome, and only a few thaumaturges are callous enough to ever try it.”

The Hand of Glory is a fascinating European folk belief, and I’ve had this piece sitting on the bench for a year or so. The coolest thing about this is that actual items can be found in museums! You can read more about the story here on Wikipedia.

Maybe I should do the nábrók from Iceland next…



DCC Magic Item – the Hand of Glory


Divine Pestilence

“Tha’ stranger what rode through town last night weren’t all good! My Jason says ‘e saw the man spew a buncha live frogs outta ‘is mouth! I tells ya, we better pray ta Nimlurun that such disease won’t strike us down as well!”

Divinely sourced disease is a common event in old stories, and as DCC tends to often be fairly deity-centric, I ended up needing a set of pestilences strange and unpleasant enough to fit such a use in-game. Our cleric of Malotoch is off to the Purple Planet on a quest at the moment, to heal themselves of the dreaded flakeflesh…



DCC Rules – Divine Diseases


Illustration by the always wholesome Joni Kesti.

Melniscar, the Infinite Order





This week’s piece is an ineffable and incomprehensible lawful deity for DCC. I’ve noticed that while chaotic and even neutral deities are often portrayed as strange and difficult to grasp for mortal minds, lawful deities tend to be represented in a very human and approachable fashion. Melniscar is intended to buck this trend by offering a deity so lawful and ordered that its logic is entirely alien to mortal minds.



DCC Deity – Melniscar


Five Weird Trees for DCC

High in top of the dragonhome tree,
Sleeps a little dragon, a dragon like thee
When the wind blows the dragon will fly
Sleep little lordling, now don’t you cry

– a lullaby sung to Rilvac I, the New King

This week’s piece draws its inspiration from the real world: all of the strange and fantastical plants in the article are more or less based on real world flora. Most of the time I’ve taken very slight poetic license with the plants in question. Sometimes the world is just weird enough.



DCC Flora – Weird Trees


Illustrations by the always arboreal Joni Kesti.


A KitN Playlist: Dungeon Ambience!

This week we’ll present you something different: a playlist we’ve optimized for peak creepiness and creating a pressuring, dangerous atmosphere, perfect for dungeon and cave exploration.

This piece is a part of a series we’ll release every so often between our regular articles: the playlists are in constant use at our own play table, so we figured that we’d share them with our readers as well .