A Knightly Anniversary!

“The Lance trundles along triumphantly. What had once been a single knightly form, drunkenly slouched upon a tired destrier has grown into a prolific force sporting many different banners!

Let the windmills of the world be wary, for here come the Knights in the North!”

It is the first anniversary of the site! We’ve grown from a single voice into a veritable group of content producers. In the last year 5 writers and 3 artists have joined the Lance, and I’m overjoyed at what we’ve managed together!

In the last year we’ve had some 15k views all in all, with constantly increasing numbers. Last month an average of 50 visits per day were made to the site. Our core readership seems to come from the US, with Finland, Canada and Spain following fairly far behind.

This is the 92nd post made on the blog, meaning that we average around 50 articles in six months. Out of those 92 articles only 12 are not directly usable in play (11 articles marked with the “Management” tag, and the one campaign chronicle being the outliers), meaning that we’ve successfully kept the 80/20 guideline of playable vs. other stuff I set when I started the project.

As a celebratory show of force I added links to (most?) of our content to the DCC RPG Resource Link spreadsheet (available over here) Hopefully even more readers find us now!

Also, we’ve acquired a fancy new banner from good sir Danny Prescott! Check it out at the front of the shop at your leisure.

The coming year means that we’ll keep doing our thing, and hopefully add more systems to our DCC/OSR heavy catalogue. Suggestions for content are always welcome, as are articles and art (check the contributor guidelines here if you’re interested).

Onwards to bigger and better things!



Header image by the excellent Danny Prescott.

The Princess and the Barrister

“Did’ja hear? We ‘ave a real princess in town! An’ she’s got a real regal build too, if’n you know what I mean! An’ ‘er barrister just tol’ me that I might just ‘ave what she’s lookin’ for in a man!

Thing’s are finally lookin’ up fer Young Bob ‘ere, tell ya what… I always knew I’d become king someday!”

This piece is based on a rather unfortunate round of Sailors on the Starless Sea. We had a force majeure session cancellation a while back, which resulted in only two players present at the table, and instead of our regular hijinks, I ran Sailors for two of my regulars. This encounter is based on the last two adventurers to die that night, as I took a shining to their dynamic before their untimely demise.

The article below is a short encounter to be as a snack between adventures or as inspiration for whatever longer plotlines Judge’s care to develop. In contains the stats and details for Barrister Robyrnas Stringer, Princess Tamina the Voluptuos, and a chaos djinn.



DCC interlude – The Princess and the Barrister: DCC_Encounter_Princess&Barrister_AMP

The Knight of Mystery

“He just wandered into town one cool, clear night. Pointed up at the stars and insisted there was a fascinating phenomenon to be seen, if only we would extinguish every torch in a furlong’s radius, which we politely declined.

He had two halfling girl-children in tow, cute as can be, but the older one, don’t cross her or she’ll put a hex on you. We offered to feed him and he accepted, but he turned his nose up at everything but meat and greens, and said he labored under some sort of a vegetable-and-milk-curse, as if that excused the offense.”

Andrew Sternick – DCC RPG Judge and enthusiast

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The Red Swamp

Mosquitoes. Swarms of them.

In fact, this deep in the bog it was impossible to take as much as a single breath without accidentally swallowing a few of them. Their buzzing was so constant that one could hear it in the short periods of silence and even now, as Aghir and Gylas were gazing upon the slowly bubbling mud in dismay, hundreds of those little bastards were crawling under their armors and helmets.

They had tracked the troll for three days now, Sir Wyheart and his two squires. Three days of wading in waist-deep waters and sleeping in the few dry spots they could find. Three days of poorly dried rations and hopeful talks about the treasure the beast had allegedly hidden in its lair.

All of that just to have the troll lunging from the swamp and dragging poor Sir Wyheart under the crimson mud in a blink of an eye.

“I hope, it doesn’t come back” said Gylas, gripping his spear.

“They always do”, answered Aghir. Continue reading “The Red Swamp”