Halfling Graverobber

“Lookit that skinny little git! All gaunt and spindly, an’ she smells like the grave! She’s a queer one to be sure!

to be ‘onest I’d kick ‘er outta the inn if it were up to me. But the missus insisted we let ‘er stay, on account of ‘er paying up front with these weird old coins. Pure silver, says the missus, an’ ‘er teef are never wrong about these things.”

As we’ve been restarting the campaign in recent weeks, the group had a little downtime over the summer. We cursorily played through these little side-adventures as we were setting up.

One of our halflings spent a few months in a town called Soulgrave (from one of the older Goodman Games modules, if I’m not entirely mistaken), famous for its location on the tomb-riddled Old Moors.  

I’ve been in the habit of “unlocking” new classes available for play based on what the group does, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to sneak out a halfling variant: the graverobber!

Much like the dwarves who inevitably always dig too deep, halflings sometimes run into nasty things under the old hills, as they dig around building burrows to settle in. And, inevitably, some of these inquisitive souls find the call of hidden wealth under the hills too much to bear, becoming strange, spindly and furtive in their endeavors as a result.

My table seems to be rather riddled with halflings at the moment, and having this variant available for play is useful in the sense that there is less overlap now, as the graverobbers lack the luck battery ability altogether.



Halfling graverobber: DCC_HalflingGraverobber_AMP

Halfling graverobber sheet: DCC_HalflingGraverobberSheet_AMP



The Necromancer

“Wizzards, them’s a queer bunch! But none so weird as them that dally with the dead!

Robbers, sneaks, we get all sorts at th’ graveyard. A strange lookin’ fella came round last fall, snoopin’ around the older crypts. I’ll tell ya, we were none too surprised when we found ‘im diggin up the dead one night! Looked like ‘e had a bunch a walkin’ corpses helpin’ ‘im too!

Of course, bein’ the smart gaffers we are, we scarpered into the night right quick. They’re not paying us enough to go toe to toe with no wizzards, no sirree! Live and let die, thas what me old uncle always used ta say!”

Another class this week: we’re kicking off our old DCC campaign next Tuesday, and one of the wizards has spent the summer puttering around the Underdark. Her player always wanted to play a necromancer, so I put together a full class description for testing purposes.

Now, I know that Arcane Affinity allows wizards to specialize, sort of, but to be honest I don’t really like the mechanics in that spell. Even though the necromancer here is just a tweaked wizard it has a little more flesh and flavour on its bones.

I’ll likely end up updating the class eventually based on testing and feedback.



The Necromancer: DCC_Necromancer_AMP


The Dwarven Runepriest

“Man is the favourite child of the gods: fickle, easily enticed and subjugated. Thus the great temples and churches of this age are built on the blood, sweat and faith of human worshipers.

This being so, the gods sometimes call forth the souls of other races as well. Among the dwarves these believers are known as runepriests, for their clothing, armour and weaponry are always inscribed with the runic scriptures of their faith.

Often shunned by their more pragmatic brethren, these fanatical devotees to the gods are always exceptional, and often integral tools in the great struggle between law and chaos.”

May I present: the dwarven runepriest!

I haven’t done a class writeup in a while, and this idea’s been brewing in my noggin ever since I rolled a character with 18 Personality, and subsequently rolled his occupation to be a dwarven loremaster (we’ve started to use the Alternate Occupations list by Steven Bode).

Imagine my chagrin when I realized that this charming fellow could never cast divine spells!

The class is as of yet fresh off the press and entirely untested, so feedback is exceptionally welcome!



Dwarven runepriest: DCC_DwarvenRunepriest_AMP


The Barbarian, from the North

“The figure before you is covered in singed furs and bones. Bare muscles twitch below the weather beaten drapery of practicality and ‘necessity’. A wolf’s head covers their face, with the grimacing fangs shadowing the obviously scarred face.

‘Ale. Now.’ ,the apparition demands in a grim tone.

‘Please?’, they add with a sudden glint of civility.

‘I can sing you a song, if that’s what it takes. I just really need that drink, after fighting those dire wolves, naked and barehanded…’, “

Much like many others, I wanted a Barbarian class for DCC.

But I wasn’t happy with any of the ones I could find. Always, something was off from the perfect image of Conan I was chasing.

So I made my own! You can find the PDF below. I’ve tested the rules in play, and they’re not obviously broken, at least.

And yes, I’m still bored on the train… to the north…



DCC Barbarian rules: DCC_Class_Barbarian_AMP

DCC Barbarian Sheet: DCC_BarbarianSheet_AMP