Loptir’s Firewater

“In the coldest winter, there is flame. And where there is flame, there is celebration!”

Loptir’s firewater is a magic item I made for our Christmas party game last year. I took the group through the 2013 Holiday module, The Old Gods Return. We had a lot of fun with it, especially with all of the off kilter Nordic and Finnish references there.

For that adventure, I made a magic concoction that gave the drinker a random bonus. I largely based the concept on the Grog of Substantial Whimsy, although my version is much less weird and random, and all in all mostly beneficial.

I liked the concept, as it gave me an opportunity to give my players fun stuff without worrying that the campaign would get bogged down with endlessly circulating powerful magic items.

As I was founding this blog, this was actually one of the things I was going to post very early on, but found to my dismay that the file had disappeared into the ether. I’ve spent the last couple of days recreating the powerful item from memory, and now give it to you, as an early present for the holidays coming up.



Loptir’s Firewater: DCC_Loptir’sFirewater_AMP



“The femur in your hand is a little long, but otherwise mundane.

Still, you think there must be a reason why that disheveled street artist tried to play it angrily at you before you slit her throat.”

A couple of days ago I was chilling in Gdansk, reminiscing about what a thorn in my side the Magic Missile spell is, at least for me as a Judge. Many DCC modules have big, singular enemies, and a single spellburned or well-rolled missile can make a fight very uninteresting.

Then I saw a GIF of a skeleton playing a flute made out of a femur. And the rest you can read in the PDF below.

And thus, behold the Bone Flute of Zalmoxes! It’s entirely untested, but should make it possible for other classes to blast out every so often.

I’m in a train back to the north, for the time being. At least I’ll have a chance to convene with the rest of the Knights, maybe we’ll have some more voices on this blog soon.

As always, please send me feedback!



The Bone Flute of Zalmoxes: DCC_Artefact_BoneFlute_AMP_v1.1