Review Week!

The Knights in the North have been up and running for a half a year! Hoo-rah!

To celebrate, I’ve updated the site icon with a shiny, new logo from Danny Prescott. Keep your eyes peeled for more art from him, we’ve got a few pieces stashed away just waiting for the article that’ll do them justice.

I must say, I never really expected things to go this well when I started the blog, drunk and bored in Poland last summer, nursing a badly broken heart to boot. We’ve grown, and managed to reliably pump out content, despite all sorts of shifts and shakes in our personal lives.

I’ll be going through my old articles this week, and applying fixes and tweaks here and there. I’ll add a list below once I’m done with the process (which might take more than a week to be honest).

And finally, thanks to everyone who’s participated so far, with a special nod to Markus for providing stellar content weekly for a while now.

Incidentally (but appropriately) this is apparently our 50th post on the site! Hoo-rah again! And onward to bigger and better things!




Reinforcements from the Island Kingdom

Danny Prescott is responsible for our cool new site logo, and we’ve got a bunch of other art from him in the pipeline as well. And he’s promised to contribute in the future too!

Here is what he had to say about himself:

“Fantasy/scifi trad.lineart illustrator, Brit.alt.musician, rpg’er, facilitator and productionista.

Tabletop rpg’s – running/playing/designing; art – drawing/painting/appreciating; slightly strange music – playing/producing/listening/gigging; speculative theorising – philosophy/history/religion/culture/politics/futurism.

I have a proper job by day, grown-up specialisms including engagement, funding, policy development, change management and other newspeak wordage. The 9-5 is pretty much mainly to keep my 8 year old daughter in DC Comics and Minecraft merch.

My art is here and I can sometimes be found lurking here.”

Danny got in touch with us when we were just starting out, eager to join the Lance. We’re happy and grateful for the suppport!




The Hot Knight in the North

I often tend to see myself as a historian/archaeologist by training, and a linguist (concentrating on dead tongues), occultist and musician by design, schooling & pedigree.

My RPG habit began in 1986 e.v. with TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes Basic Set (not really a proper RPG) but I quickly moved on to the red box Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set. Disliked it at the time, so I again moved on to Chaosium’s Call Of Cthulhu and have continued GMing it to this day. I also tried out virtually all of the other RPG systems available in the late 80’s and onwards, such as RuneQuest, MERP, Paranoia, Ghostbusters, Nightlife, GURPS, Ars Magica, Harnmaster, Rolemaster, Spacemaster, Dark Conspiracy, AD&D, WFRP (1st and 2nd editions), Vampire: The Dark Ages, Mummy: The Resurrection, Traveller, D&D 5E, Pathfinder and Dark Heresy. I designed a game as well; SpaceQuest, and another about depraved Moomins; Murhan Teki Muumit.

Nowadays I mainly busy myself with running/homebrewing the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG with the goal of making it the “perfect” fantasy game system for my own nefarious purposes. Many of my contributions and improvements(?) can be found on this blog.

Buttocks up,


The First Knight in the North

“Now, I’ve seen that guy. ‘E keeps comin’ back for drinks ‘ere, talkin’ about something called ‘Polish gas station vodka’. Only goes away once I sell ‘im the strongest bottle of dwarven rotgut an’ a jug of apple juice.

I’ll tell you a secret… I’ve started watering down ‘is drinks! He never notices, and I sorta like them ramblins ‘e comes up with… Never ‘ad much of a skill at translitterating accents, no ‘e din’t, but at least ‘e tries.”

So, at the request of my good sir MM, we’re doing a little round of introductions of the regular contributors.

Anyhow, as for me, I’m a cultural anthropologist by training (Master of Arts), and a game designer because that’s what I’m bloody good at. I mostly work with mobile titles, and this blog is a creative outlet for me to share the stuff that’d otherwise get ditched in a drawer somewhere.

Like I said on the inaugural post, I found this outlet for our creative content just to share stuff.

It looks like we’ve got a steady flow of popping out cool stuff, and I’m constantly working on cheering up new writers! Anyone interested in joining should pop me an email at . We pay nothing, and our visibility is illusionary, but we’ve got nary to no rules*.

I’m mostly active here and on Facebook, where you’ll easily find me with my full name.



* I actually screen all writers personally, meaning that this far I know everyone writing here. If anyone outside the manifold of my social presence wants to join, we’ll figure it out. This is not a way to get paid.

A Portal Opens…

…and a hand appears, thrusting out a pile of yellowed notes and tables.

“Here! Maybe you can use these random knick-knack charts I made? Or this map of a ruined tower in a strange bog somewhere in the southeast? Or this list of halfling names? Any takers?”

Welcome to the Knights in the North -blog.

I’ve set up this site because I realised that I produce quite a bunch of all sorts of content for my own games: charts, tables, maps, rulesets and more. Most of this stuff just gets used at my own table, and then forgotten and left by the wayside. A plethora of perfectly serviceable, if a little unpolished, play material, lost in old notebooks and my Google Drive folders.

I discussed this sad situation with some of my gamemaster friends a while back, and they too were shedding material and content constantly.

And, after about a half a year of mulling things over and trying to get to the point, I’ve finally set up this blog today, to serve as a repository and source for all this material.

I’ll start by posting a bunch of resources I made for a Dungeon Crawl Classics -campaign I ran recently. I might also post the chronicle of that story, since it’s mostly written down already, and I can structure my work process easier that way.

Also, I’ve talked to some of my GM friends about this project, and they might join in with their own stories and resources eventually. For now, I’ll just focus on getting this show up and running.