“It was time to move camp. The Lance was ready for new adventures and challenges. Swords had been sharpened, armor oiled and polished, even their trusty mounts reshod with new iron on their hooves.

The Lance was moving, but its adventure was only beginning.”

Knightsinthenorth.blog is dead.


ALL HAIL KnightsintheNorth.COM!

Now this is the big change I’ve been teasing for the last few months. We’ve decided to move the site away from its humble origins with WordPress, onto its own URL and entirely under our own management. (If anyone is still reading on the .blog site, shift over to the new site now, please.)

This may seem like a small change to many of you and indeed, much of the site remains the same (we’ll still provide free weekly content and an open outlet to share your house rules) but to us its quite a step forward. We gain a considerable amount of managerial power, what with being able to edit and create our own themes and structure for the site. Also, it allows us to cut costs considerably.

And finally, it allows us easier avenues for expansion and growth: what started as a humble personal project has drawn in writers and readers from all over the world, and the new site can grow to fit our needs and desires much better.

The first obvious upgrade you’ll notice is the merch-shop on the new site. You can now support the Lance by ordering your own KitN t-shirt (complete with handy breast-pocket for your pens, emergency snacks, and dice), and we’re working on a few more items in the immediate future.  All proceeds will be expended in providing more quality content for our readers. KitN is still by no means a business, but this is the first step in growing the site in the future.

Furthermore, all of the t-shirts and stickers will be hand printed in Joni’s print-shop, where I currently live. It’s a bit of an unorthodox situation, but this is essentially what has made the growth of KitN possible: I write, act as editor and pimp our stuff on social media, he draws and handles site upkeep (and merch). We take turns to make the coffee and other drinks.

Before someone asks, we’ve looked at Patreon and other crowfunding options, and since the legislation up North hasn’t really caught up with post-modern funding methods for creatives, we came to the conclusion that this was by far the simplest way to make monetarily supporting the site possible.

Plus, now I can promise to add something special to the first 100 orders! Please pop a note in the comment slot on the item page to make sure the surprise fits (favourite system, class, monster, whatever).

Anyhow, welcome to KitN.com. I hope you like it here.

Oh, and tune in on Sunday for the usual programming. We’re publishing a knight class (read: paladin) for DCC…



Illustration by Joni Kesti, the man, the legend, the machine who made this upgrade possible.

Review Week 3: The Vengeance of Review Week!

Another half a year has zoomed by, and the archives at Castle North are full of articles requiring a second look and an editorial touch. Funnily enough I tend to read everyone else’s entries with much more scrutiny than my own.

We’re currently working on a number of actual publications based on blog content and new stuff, and there’s a decent buffer of new stuff in the pipeline to keep us going for months.

We’ll post no new articles this week, as I’m dedicating my time on editing the pieces we’ve put out since August (and twiddling with the HTML-stuff to apply download buttons to all of our posts). As usual, a list of edited content can be found at the end of this piece as I get done with it. While I will edit all articles up to last week’s installment only major updates are listed below.


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The Night Soil must be collected.

“Ha, well, someone ‘as to do it.

Shovel what you keep putting out.

They call us gongfarmers.

Us, we’re the heroes

Yous ju’s don’ know it.”

This is an absolutely shameless marketing post: If you haven’t already, do check out bygrinstow‘s Night Soil zine. It’s full of excellent stuff for all you DCC  gongfarmers: magic, monsters and a ton of various discoveries. Bygrinstow is a friend of KitN, and we’ve collaborated on a number of DCC articles in the past year.

You’ll find the zine and the relevant blog though the below links.



Night Soil zine #1


Appendix M


Lady of the Deep Woods

KitN has recently been joined by a masterful artist of magnificent skill and imagination. Here’s what she wanted to tell you about herself:

“Justell Vonk is an artist who brings monsters and creatures from the woods of her subconscious to life on paper.

She is currently working only with traditional media – mostly black ink and paper.

Her visions are folkore and fantasy inspired scenes, often humorous and creepy at the same time.”

For more info please have a look at her artist page and online store!



Justell Vonk Art


Justell Vonk Art on Etsy


It’s been a long year, thank you all!

As the last post of the year I decided to do something different.

This has been a rough year for me, but a good one for the blog. We’ve made many friends, the site looks better than ever, and we’ve put out some great stuff.

In this post I’d like to show special appreciation to our  new guest contributors and participants:

Giles Othen, with his curses for DCC: Curses, foiled again!

Andrew Sternick, with rules for Loptir: Loptir, Lord of Flame

Vegard Stokke, with DCC rules for permanent injuries: Permanent Injuries

Andrew Schroeder, with a way to blow up corpses: Xul’s Carrion Calamity

And obviously, I can never thank Markus, Ville, Joni, Danny and everyone else enough for their support.

Come next year, we’ll keep improving the site and growing our community. There’s some excellent things in the works even now, so stay posted.

And check out our social media links at the top of the page, they’re the best way to stay up to date with what the Lance is up to!

New Year cheers!


Illustration by the mercifully honest Joni Kesti. Apparently that’s what I look like after an 11 hour marathon judging session…

The Knight of Dreams

I have a wife and a big screen TV, some friends and money to spend.

I’ve been playing RPGs since 1991. First DnD and GURPS, then everything else. Having met an impasse, the OSR and especially DCC, was a revelation and sparked a renewed interest in the hobby. Some of the results to be seen here!

Currently residing in Trondheim, Norway.

Stay safe!

Vegard Stokke