A Knightly Anniversary!

“The Lance trundles along triumphantly. What had once been a single knightly form, drunkenly slouched upon a tired destrier has grown into a prolific force sporting many different banners!

Let the windmills of the world be wary, for here come the Knights in the North!”

It is the first anniversary of the site! We’ve grown from a single voice into a veritable group of content producers. In the last year 5 writers and 3 artists have joined the Lance, and I’m overjoyed at what we’ve managed together!

In the last year we’ve had some 15k views all in all, with constantly increasing numbers. Last month an average of 50 visits per day were made to the site. Our core readership seems to come from the US, with Finland, Canada and Spain following fairly far behind.

This is the 92nd post made on the blog, meaning that we average around 50 articles in six months. Out of those 92 articles only 12 are not directly usable in play (11 articles marked with the “Management” tag, and the one campaign chronicle being the outliers), meaning that we’ve successfully kept the 80/20 guideline of playable vs. other stuff I set when I started the project.

As a celebratory show of force I added links to (most?) of our content to the DCC RPG Resource Link spreadsheet (available over here) Hopefully even more readers find us now!

Also, we’ve acquired a fancy new banner from good sir Danny Prescott! Check it out at the front of the shop at your leisure.

The coming year means that we’ll keep doing our thing, and hopefully add more systems to our DCC/OSR heavy catalogue. Suggestions for content are always welcome, as are articles and art (check the contributor guidelines here if you’re interested).

Onwards to bigger and better things!



Header image by the excellent Danny Prescott.

The Knight of Mystery

“He just wandered into town one cool, clear night. Pointed up at the stars and insisted there was a fascinating phenomenon to be seen, if only we would extinguish every torch in a furlong’s radius, which we politely declined.

He had two halfling girl-children in tow, cute as can be, but the older one, don’t cross her or she’ll put a hex on you. We offered to feed him and he accepted, but he turned his nose up at everything but meat and greens, and said he labored under some sort of a vegetable-and-milk-curse, as if that excused the offense.”

Andrew Sternick – DCC RPG Judge and enthusiast

PS. You can link up with me here on Meetup.com and join our forays into DCC!

The Knight of Balance

I grew up with the trees

I grew up with the trees

Not alone but free in the forest

Broken down by the wheels of the man

Risen from the pieces that were forgotten

From ignorance I create

I dance in emptiness

I let go

I am nothing

I am everything

I’m a graphic designer and an entrepreneur located in Oulu Finland. I recently revived two of my hobbies from the 90’s: now I’m drawing my adventures in Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG into my notebook, and I’m loving it.


Drawn Chapter: Instagram & Tumblr.


Joni Kesti

The Knight from Norwich

Grumpy old man of the Hobby. A title I wear with pride, fortunately married to a wonderful Gamer Woman who prevents me from going too far of the rails for too long. Day job is for Wilkinson’s Tea & Coffee Merchants. Yes, I am a Brit that prefers coffee married to the American that prefers tea. I am sure some Karma got utterly screwed up in their somewhere.

In addition to RPG’s I am a Hobby author and occasional Web designer. The wife and I have one book on Amazon and one day we’ll get enough focus and time for the sequel I am sure…

RPG player since 1979 or thereabouts (my memory is hazy about that long ago LOL). Was part of the DCC Beta Test (yes, I am an official Play-test Hero, and no, Joe Goodman did NOT tell us all we were being listed, he sprang that on us like one of his dungeon surprises) and been GM’ing games on and off since 2011. Currently back in the old home town of Norwich (Norfolk UK) sharing GM duties on Wednesday nights at Athena Games.

Current DCC Campaign is chronicled here for the terminally interested. I do enjoy novelising the Sessions when its my turn to GM. Not sure if the players do but hey…

The three of my personal characters that sum me up are:

Caswallon – Paladin and all around good Guy.

Ducaster – Rogue that dabbles in a bit of magic and often gets in over his head.

Zathabar – Sorcerer and master of the Arts Sinister.

Guess which one I channel the most when I do DCC….


Giles Othen

Review Week!

The Knights in the North have been up and running for a half a year! Hoo-rah!

To celebrate, I’ve updated the site icon with a shiny, new logo from Danny Prescott. Keep your eyes peeled for more art from him, we’ve got a few pieces stashed away just waiting for the article that’ll do them justice.

I must say, I never really expected things to go this well when I started the blog, drunk and bored in Poland last summer, nursing a badly broken heart to boot. We’ve grown, and managed to reliably pump out content, despite all sorts of shifts and shakes in our personal lives.

I’ll be going through my old articles this week, and applying fixes and tweaks here and there. I’ll add a list below once I’m done with the process (which might take more than a week to be honest).

And finally, thanks to everyone who’s participated so far, with a special nod to Markus for providing stellar content weekly for a while now.

Incidentally (but appropriately) this is apparently our 50th post on the site! Hoo-rah again! And onward to bigger and better things! (List of edits behind the jump.)


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