The Stinkgoblins!

“Yeh, we kept losing kids for a while. They went to take out the slops to the midden, or popped out to the outhouse late at night. We never saw ’em again!

Then, a really weird chap walked into town. ‘E smelled like roses, and spritzed everyone with a good smelling thing.

I think ‘e were one of them elves or summin’, but what do I know… Queer, that’s what ‘e was. Or she. Cannae ever tell from them pointies.

Any’ow, after ‘e sold a buncha that good smellin’ water all over the town, an’ no kids ‘ave gone lost since! Ain’t that weird!”

As I’ve (slowly) worked the editorial through the old articles, I came across a mention of stinkgoblins. Just an off hand remark, in the flavour text of one of the first articles (namely Equipment, improved).

So I figured that they’d be a light enough thing to write up during the review process. It’ll take me a while to get through all of my old stuff, let alone tweak the rest of the blog and process to toot out good content consistently (you can keep an eye on the reviews at Review Week!, I’ll update it as I go along).

Anyhow, read up on the stinkgoblins below.



Monster stats for stinkgoblins: DCC_Monster_Stinkgoblin_AMP



The Spawn of Vilkar

“Did’ja hear? That Erayo was eaten by wolves! The whole village! Except for Deaf Bob!

‘E survived! He told us that it must’ve been that mewling cave nearby!”

Today, we celebrated the birth of a new human.

The party was a long time coming (a couple of weeks), but we had the “cigars and cognac” session demanded by style and culture.

And we  came up with a horrid monster. Fleshy and rich, it’s a quest on it’s own. And it’s totally built with the dad as part of our design crew.

Double cheers,


The Spawn of Vilkar: DCC_SpawnOfVilkar_AMP



Shadows in the Sanctum!

“Us dwarves, we’re good with the caves. I mean, we live underground, can see in the dark, what’s there to be afraid of?

But we still carry a lantern with us, everywhere we go.

Why, you ask?

Well, would you like a shadow following you home?”

I’m happy to announce that the Knights in the North are networking, way over to the other side of the grand pond that is the Atlantic! Your’s truly features in the most recent Sanctum Secorum Companion, with an article on strange shadows.

Please, check it out, and don’t forget the podcast either!



DriveThruRPG link: Sanctum Secorum – Episode Companion #29

Podcast episode: Sanctum Secorum #29 – Creep, Shadow!