Narrimunth, Spawnmother of Rats

“‘Twas awful! The sewers, they were full of ’em! Jus’ like a roiling, furry wave! Claws and snouts, and them little beady eyes!

Me an Johnson, we ran like bats outta hell after opening that door down there. But it were of no use! The swarm jus’ caught up wiv’ us an’ ran us down. Then it turned around, like a tide turns, and carried us deep into the old parts of the sewer, where no one’s been for ages…

I don’ remember much after that. Jus’ many voices speaking to us. Many eyes. Tails knotted… I woke up in that there alley, jus’ a while ago…

Any’ow, how much fer that wheel’o’cheese? Yeah, the ripe one there. You weren’t going to throw it away were ya? The smell brought me ‘ere, sell it to me fer half price will ya? I’ve got a mighty ‘unger fer some smelly cheese, ever since I woke up. Mus’ be me nerves.”

Narrimunth, Spawnmother of Rats was actually the first ever thing I wrote for the campaign I ran last winter. The group wandered into the silver mine in #1 Idyll’s of the Rat King, and grabbed the statue of Narrimunth on the first level, and the orphan-wizard of the group decided to try to court her as a patron.

This version is heavily edited from the original that I tested in game, but everything should be in working order. Check it out!

Patron – Narrimunth, Spawnmother of Rats: DCC_Patron_Narrimunth_AMP

Friggseth, the Seed in the Earth

“A seed.

A simple seed is all it takes.

To connect with the future, to create anew.

Too bad you’ll end up reaping what you sow, maybe. Unless you get cut down early in a shower of blood and sparks. And maybe even then, you might end up with a leafy future.”

So, I’ve been traveling a lot this summer. This means no access to my notes, and no dedicated desk. BUT this is what I came up with in Gdansk, while a storm raged around me. It’s raining pretty hard right now as well, so I might as well post it to match the mood. Rain and storm is a good sign, right?

Inspired by YDDGRRL, the World Root, in the main rulebook, and struggling to balance my game world, I came up with the name last winter while setting up the “pantheon scroll” (seriously, it’s more or less an actual scroll, with an enhanced DCC pantheon on it, definitely posting it later).

I only wrote it up now because one of my own characters – an elven combination of a half-witted Legolas and Batman – wants a little variety (I suppose I’ll write about “how much is just enough work for a campaign, later).

And there must be some lawful aligned patrons, right?

So, meet Friggseth, the Seed in the Earth. Complete with patron taints, an Invoke Patron table, a patron spell. And I guess technically a new class as well.

The patron has not been tested in any way, and any typos are there ‘cos I was enjoying Polish liquor at the time.

I’m already working on a funnel adventure which relies on the phytoids and Friggseth’s leafy future, so stay posted. And please, give me feedback!



PDF LINK: Patron_Friggseth_AMP