Sheets Galore!

This week I’ve mostly worked on actually setting up a couple of campaigns to while away the winter hours, so today’s post is more about player aids than playable content.

While updating funnel survivors to actual adventurers I was reminded of the fact that I don’t really like the sheets available over at the Goodman Games site: they’re pretty and all, but not as functional as I’d like. So I made some of my own!

My revamp isn’t quite as extensive as the upgrade offered by our good sir MM a while back, but should give players a little more room to scribble their details on a single sheet.

And as an added bonus, I’ll be trying out a magic item sheet system: I used to write down the details of identified items on cue cards, and the additional sheet found below is just a minor upgrade to that method.

Also, I’ll be updating all of the custom classes I’ve posted so far with appropriate sheets for their abilities.



0-level x4 sheet: DCC_0Sheet4_AMP

Cleric sheet: DCC_ClericSheet_AMP

Thief sheet: DCC_ThiefSheet_AMP

Warrior sheet: DCC_WarriorSheet_AMP

Wizard sheet: DCC_WizardSheet_AMP

Dwarf sheet: DCC_DwarfSheet_AMP

Elf sheet: DCC_ElfSheet_AMP

Halfling sheet: DCC_HalflingSheet_AMP

Magic item sheet: DCC_MagicItemSheet_AMP

DCC RPG Character Sheet


I have been unable to find a satisfactory catch-all character sheet for DCC RPG online, so I made my own two-page general-purpose one using the freeware program NBOS Sheet Designer …unfortunately it does not allow exporting a sheet as PDF, so I had to save my work in the program’s own particular format.

I believe I have made a generally useful DCC RPG character sheet (additional suggestions welcome – and you can tweak the document further yourself), so have a look/print-out by installing the above program and loading my character sheet file into it.

I have intended the sheet only for printing out, filling by hand and using in your games. Do not try to use the program to randomly generate a character etc. – it will not work!

ATTENTION! Technical issue: when saving the linked file below to your computer, be sure to change the file extension from .pdf to .csd.

Also, you need the correct free fonts (Book Antiqua and DuvallSmallCaps) installed on your system. They can be found via a web search.

DCC RPG character sheet: DCC

Cheers for fears,