Spell – Phandaal’s Gyrator

“From his mouth gushed the syllables of Phandaal’s Gyrator Spell. The Deodand was jerked off his feet and flung high in the air, where he hung whirling, high and low, faster and slower, up to the tree-tops, low to the ground.” – Mazirian The Magician

Another DCC-fied Vancian spell of mine, this time from The Dying Earth. I made it a 3rd level Wizard spell, with a fumble range based on that, following the optional casting rule outlined in Liber Arcanum. Obviously, if you do not wish to use the mechanic, simply treat only ‘1’ as a fumble.

Astute players may also find non-violent uses for the spell, e.g. as a lift when cast on an ally.

Go aloft: Phandaal’s Gyrator


Spell – Forlorn Encystment

“I have decided to apply the Charm of Forlorn Encystment, which constricts the subject in a pore some forty-five miles below the surface of the earth.” – Jack Vance

Probably needless to say, I have lifted this spell directly from Vance’s novel The Eyes of the Overworld. I made it a 4th level Wizard spell, with a fumble range based on that fact, following the optional casting rule outlined in Liber Arcanum. Obviously, if you do not wish to use the mechanic, simply have ‘1’ as the fumble and ‘2-11’ as the “Lost. Failure.” result.

Some matters not discussed in the spell description itself: targets sunk fully awake due to misfire may easily be subject to suffocation, depending on e.g. geological factors and Judge decision. Likewise, they may be able to escape their predicament via burrowing, divine/patron aid, other magic, etc., but not by the reversal of the spell. Those unfortunates who are able to breathe underground, but not escape, will likely perish from thirst & hunger and/or go insane…

Take the plunge: Forlorn Encystment


Spell – Acid Arrow

“Far out, man! Did you see that wee unicorn hit the three-headed goblin, too?”

Hereby I present my take on the classic D&D spell (Melf’s) Acid Arrow for DCC RPG.

I made it a 1st level Wizard spell, because on lower casting results it is somewhat less powerful than Magic Missile, and Judges enjoying holding out on power-starved Wizard players might instead opt to give them Acid Arrow.

As outlined in the document, the spell requires a ranged attack roll (made after the spell check) in order for the arrow to actually hit its intended target. This is not a separate action but part of the spell-casting itself.

What if the caster fumbles the attack roll, you ask? Turn to an appropriate Fumble Table or apply a suitably modified outcome from the spell’s misfire results.

Take the hit: Acid Arrow


Spell – Eippuz’ Contraceptive Conjuration

“Lo, I am become fallow…guess Santa/Satan got my letter after all!”

Much to my surprise, the veteran players of 30+ years of gaming experience, er, under their belts, in my current DCC RPG campaign have suddenly indulged themselves in matters sexual, whilst ignoring the like in my previous games of RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, Vampire and Warhammer. This may be a healthy turn, for after all sexuality plays an essential role in all human endeavour (including gaming) and ignoring it could be a sign of immaturity or unhealthy denial…or worse.

So, for your, er…pleasure I wrote up a spell, the effects of which would probably be in extremely high demand in a (fantasy) medieaval or other pre-modern setting: Eippuz’ Contraceptive Conjuration.

I made it a 1st level Cleric spell, although it might also be accessible to Wizards via some Patron or whatnot…but often Wizards seem too busy doing magical experiments in their parents’ cellar to go out and mingle – so perhaps they do not have much interest/opportunities in circumstances requiring birth control.

Anyway, this spell would be hugely popular with the common (and especially noble) folk. Likely the purview of village wise women, hedge witches and their ilk, in addition to Clerics of certain deities. Obviously, users/recipients of the spell could very well run afoul of fertility deities and their followers and probably be regarded (and turned) as Unholy.

For further information on related subjects, I refer the reader to the splendid OGL d20 sourcebook “The Book of Erotic Fantasy”.

Let us not beat around the bush: Eippuz’ Contraceptive Conjuration

Enjoy yourselves,


Friggseth, the Seed in the Earth

“A seed.

A simple seed is all it takes.

To connect with the future, to create anew.

Too bad you’ll end up reaping what you sow, maybe. Unless you get cut down early in a shower of blood and sparks. And maybe even then, you might end up with a leafy future.”

So, I’ve been traveling a lot this summer. This means no access to my notes, and no dedicated desk. BUT this is what I came up with in Gdansk, while a storm raged around me. It’s raining pretty hard right now as well, so I might as well post it to match the mood. Rain and storm is a good sign, right?

Inspired by Yddgrrl, the World Root from the main rulebook, and struggling to balance my game world, I came up with the name last winter while setting up the “pantheon scroll” for my campaign (you can find it here ).

I only wrote it up now because one of my own characters – an elven combination of a half-witted Legolas and Batman – wants a little variety.

And there must be some lawful aligned patrons, right?

So, meet Friggseth, the Seed in the Earth. Complete with patron taints, an Invoke Patron table, a patron spell. And I guess technically a new class as well.

I’m already working on a funnel adventure which relies on the phytoids and Friggseth’s leafy future, so stay posted. And please, give me feedback!



Patron – Friggseth, the Seed in the Earth: DCC_Patron_Friggseth_AMP