“When you look up to the night sky, the universe unfolds in a void of shadow and light. The pretty lights blink at your befuddled eyes.

But for one skilled in reading the message in the stars, the war between chaos and order is clear to see, with the positions of the constellations counting score of the endless struggle.”

When I started to Judge our DCC campaign last winter, I figured that I needed to know a little more about the gods of the eternal struggle, at least enough to improvise when necessary.

To do this, I laid out an A3 paper, with chaos on the left, balance at the center and law on the right. I then continued with setting active gods higher on the chart, and passive gods lower.  This became the starchart of the gods and demons, showing their relative position between each other in the grand scheme of things. I also filled it out with a few homebrew options and names I came across in modules, as I felt like the list in the rulebook was a little lacking.

The original is made in pencil, so that we can upgrade it as the world develops: for example, Nimlurun lost a quarter of his power last winter, meaning that his position dropped considerably.

Recently, I got my hands on a bunch of Micron pens and some ink, and felt like watching most of the Game of Thrones. This led to the chart you see below, in the PDF!



Starchart of the Gods: DCC_Godchart_AMP

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