The Dwarven Runepriest

“Man is the favourite child of the gods: fickle, easily enticed and subjugated. Thus the great temples and churches of this age are built on the blood, sweat and faith of human worshipers.

This being so, the gods sometimes call forth the souls of other races as well. Among the dwarves these believers are known as runepriests, for their clothing, armour and weaponry are always inscribed with the runic scriptures of their faith.

Often shunned by their more pragmatic brethren, these fanatical devotees to the gods are always exceptional, and often integral tools in the great struggle between law and chaos.”

May I present: the dwarven runepriest!

I haven’t done a class writeup in a while, and this idea’s been brewing in my noggin ever since I rolled a character with 18 Personality, and subsequently rolled his occupation to be a dwarven loremaster (we’ve started to use the Alternate Occupations list by Steven Bode).

Imagine my chagrin when I realized that this charming fellow could never cast divine spells!

The class is as of yet fresh off the press and entirely untested, so feedback is exceptionally welcome!



Dwarven runepriest: DCC_Class_DwarvenRunepriest_AMP

Dwarven runepriest character sheet: DCC_DwarvenRunepriestSheet_AMP


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