Sheets Galore!

This week I’ve mostly worked on actually setting up a couple of campaigns to while away the winter hours, so today’s post is more about player aids than playable content.

While updating funnel survivors to actual adventurers I was reminded of the fact that I don’t really like the sheets available over at the Goodman Games site: they’re pretty and all, but not as functional as I’d like. So I made some of my own!

My revamp isn’t quite as extensive as the upgrade offered by our good sir MM a while back, but should give players a little more room to scribble their details on a single page.

And as an added bonus, I’ll be trying out a magic item sheet system: I used to write down the details of identified items on cue cards, and the additional sheet found below is just a minor upgrade to that method.

Also, I’ll be updating all of the custom classes I’ve posted so far with appropriate sheets for their abilities.




0-level x4 sheet: DCC_0Sheet4_AMP


Cleric sheet: DCC_ClericSheet_AMP

Thief sheet: DCC_ThiefSheet_AMP

Warrior sheet: DCC_WarriorSheet_AMP

Wizard sheet: DCC_WizardSheet_AMP

Dwarf sheet: DCC_DwarfSheet_AMP

Elf sheet: DCC_ElfSheet_AMP

Halfling sheet: DCC_HalflingSheet_AMP


Magic item sheet: DCC_MagicItemSheet_AMP

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