Judge AMP’s Shortlist of House Rulings

“I ‘eard tell that there’s worlds somewhere out there, where stuff works different…

That’s a scary thought, innit?”

Rulings, not rules.

That’s been my guideline for gamemastering for as long as I can remember. And after running DCC for 2-ish years, I decided to take stock of what I’ve tweaked in the game.

What follows is a compilation of our house rulings. At the end of the document you can find some endnotes, explaining some of the history and logic behind the decisions I’ve made.

Feedback would be most welcome, I hope this sparks discussion. How do you run your worlds?



Judge AMP’s Shortlist of House Rulings: DCC_Houserulings_AMP_v2

4 thoughts on “Judge AMP’s Shortlist of House Rulings

  1. Can’t agree more about the thief, and especially the thief’s skills, which are super-detailed, yet weapon skills are all lumped together in the attack bonus. They make little sense as they stand, and the whole skills section need reworking imo. We can, as you mentioned, blame the original game for this, but an easy fix could be to make the thief skills more generalized, and still retain the original feel.


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